Andrea Baker

Andrea Baker

Vice-President & CFO of Testability, Inc.

I grew up in Germany where castles and vineyards overlook the Rhine river and picturesque villages are tucked ever so slightly along the snowy hillsides for breathtaking views.

Despite that being my home, I met Greg in 93’ which led to the decision that I would join him in the U.S. after the Air Force closed down his base. So, with a leap of faith, we jumped in with both feet and landed in Arkansas where he was stationed.

Despite the reputation, Little Rock ended up being a great 1st stop on the adventure and in May of 94’ we were married and so it began.

I recall Greg telling me early on after starting work in the IT industry that he would like to open his own company someday and I just assumed at some point he would and that I of course would be a part of it! But early on there were babies and bills to pay so he worked, planned and researched with the goal of ownership at some point down the road.

I had worked in Germany for several international companies prior to leaving for the states. Once we incorporated in 1999, I utilized my prior experience in accounting and administration to tackle all the bookkeeping and specific tax situations and transactions that eventually came along with being incorporated.

In the mid 2000’s, our employee based tripled so payroll, benefits, corporate investments and so many other requirements needed to be managed and maintained which has been the bulk of my role since inception.

Basically, if it’s not “IT consulting” or “business development and staffing” I do it and it gets done. 20 years later we are still operating and look forward to more success!

In 2005, I became a US citizen which I’m very proud of and still hold dual citizenship in Germany as well. I love to travel back home to see family, play tennis, cook and eat great food & wine with friends and I love FSU Saturday’s in the fall in beautiful Tallahassee! Go Noles!

If you have any questions, reach out to me!