Quality Assurance

Testability can provide Software Quality Assurance services which lays in place a systematic and planned approach to identifying, defining and modifying a set of processes to support the development of a software product. Many IT projects struggle with the quality of their software never realizing that with an improved focus on the QA processes that make up the software development lifecycle, issues could be greatly diminished reducing the cost of rework, while improving the perception of the software to its users.

By implementing Quality Assurance services, your IT project can take a more proactive/preventative approach to monitoring and managing the software development lifecycle.

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Testability can lay in place a proactive set of activities and artifacts that are focused on the following key activities:

  • Developing a Quality Management Plan
  • Applying Software Engineering Techniques
  • Performing Technical Reviews
  • Applying the Testing Strategy
  • Ensuring Process Adherence
  • Implementing Change Control
  • Software Quality Assurance Audits
  • Generate Reports